Hospitality Services

 Catering for all your hospitality and kitchen repairs

We provide an on the spot diagnostic service for all kitchen machinery and can create preventative maintenance schedules to suit your needs.

Our team are ready to provide solutions when it comes to repairs, prevent kitchen accidents and mishaps, and maintain your machinery giving you peace of mind that your kitchen will run smoothly during those busy periods.

Services include:

  • Machine guarding
  • Service & repair
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Kitchen safety solutions
  • Stainless steel repairs and alterations
  • Parts replacement
  • Electrical machine tagging and safety

 Equipment we service:

  • Juicers
  • Benchtop slicers
  • Oven repairs
  • Steam Pots
  • Stainless steel equipment
  • Bench alterations and custom designed racks
  • Table and chair repairs
  • Mixers and new guarding for mixers
  • Mincers and waste disposal
  • Fry baskets
  • Dishwasher repairs