The home of all precision machined CNC products

We are passionate about producing quality machined products in our well equipped machine shop. The following shows some of the machines we have to offer:

  • CNC  LATHE – Capacity of diameter 300 x 300 long. Extremely accurate 12 station turret and fast production.
  • CNC  LATHE – Capacity of diameter 300 x 1000 long.
  • CNC  LATHE – Capacity of diameter 500 x 1200 long. Great production run machine.
  • MANIFOLD GRINDING – No need to set up a mill for this job. Just run your manifold across this machine and hey presto the job is done accurately and cost effectively.
  • MILLING – Small and large capacity mill machines – boring heads and gear cutting.
  • SURFACE GRINDING – Accurate surface grinding on a magnetic bed capable of small and large scale machining.
  • DRILLING – Arbor and radial arm drills. Capable of large diameter PCDs on flanges , castings and line boring.
  • MANUAL LATHE WORK – One off specialist machining jobs and a very competitive setup for the manufacture of hydraulic components.
  • KEYWAY CUTTING – Cutting of keyways and slotting internal and external.
  • BEARING CIRCLIPS – Capacity to machine internal and external circlip grooves on bearings.

The most important thing with machining is that the machines we use are capable of more than they were built for.

For example :

  •  Did you know that you can turn an object in the lathe without even holding it in a set of jaws?
  • A digger bucket can be line bored without using a purpose built line bore machine
  • Manifolds can be ground without even setting them up in a machine
  • Threads can be cut onto a bar using no lathes or special tooling
  • Mag wheels can be machined like new cost effectively